Mobile wallet

Prepaid Stop is packed with all flexibility and feature richness that can transform it info an ideal mobile money platform


m-Wallet manifests a fusion of  m-Commerce, m-Identity, m-Payment, and m-Banking. Mobile wallet can be used in POS, coupons, discounts, infotainment, loyalty program , etc., in m-Commerce.  In m-Payment, mobile wallet can be used for remote payment (P2B, P2P, B3B, and G2B). Mobile wallet is a great mechanism offering m-Banking facilities like bill payment, account details, investment, wealth management, cash in and cash out, content related details , etc. It also stores and establishes a strong and secure identity of the subscriber by signature authentication.

Subscriber can initiate the transaction using multiple access channels like SIM menu, USSD, ATMs, IVRs, point of sale and host of others.

Mobile network operators can utilize this platform to organize their distribution channel (network) and can even develop new network to deliver mobile money to the subscribers. It enables the network operators to appoint new distributors and agents, and deploy transaction based commissions along with incentives for new customer base.

Prepaid Stop platform is packed with rich features of unique reporting potential on transaction rates and cash flow. This mobile money platform is flexible enough to customize the limit, risk and policy settings as per the account, customer and country. It is also empowered to deal with the regulatory requisites.

Prepaid Stop is packed with all flexibility and feature richness that can transform it into an ideal mobile money platform to trust on and deliver extremely secure, affordable and regulated financial services to the end users, who are devoid of traditional banking service.

Why Prepaid Stop

Prepaid Stop offers feature rich, flexible and user-friendly mobile financial services solution coupled with highly secure and consolidated transaction management system.  It is crafted and developed with an aim to cater to all the aspects of secure payment i.e. privacy of end users, administrative competency and data security.

While developing Prepaid Stop it has been taken into account that once this is installed any new payment method, technologies, access channels or improved programs can be easily delivered facilitating the single platform with least effort.

We have been assisting and have been considered as trusted business partners of number of financial institutions including mobile network operators at global landscape. We have enabled mobile handsets to perform as a device through which all money based activities are within the reach of even the most isolated community.