Mobile recharge

Available Opportunity

Keeping in mind the competitive landscape of telecom industry, prepaid plans are the key subscription module for customers to count on.  Albeit this subscription module is widely acclaimed, it is quite tough for service providers and customers to offer and avail this facility of prepaid subscription. For telecoms, the prepaid plans call for comprehensive overheads, such as printing of vouchers, distribution, retail network management along with revenue leakage , etc. Nonetheless, telecom companies have introduced better solutions to deal with the complexity of prepaid module by making available top ups at POS, Online, ATM terminals , etc. A complete and accurate solution is still awaited.

Prepaid Stop’s Prepaid Airtime Top Up graduates the efforts of telecoms to improve the prepaid services to the next level and allows customers to top up their accounts on the go using their handsets, leaving behind the worries of handing paper vouchers.

Prepaid Stop solution assists telecom companies in reducing the overhead cost of distributing vouchers and channel management drastically while also minimizing the revenue leakage.

Mobile Prepaid Top-Up Solution

Prepaid Stop offers a highly secure Mobile Transaction Platform – Prepaid Stop that helps service providers to offer prepaid top up and other value added services to their customers on their mobiles.

This platform is equipped with mobile applications and intelligent support system which is integrated with backend support of the banks and other payment companies.

Customers can access several mobile top up functions spanning from viewing prepaid balance to topping up the prepaid card.

Prepaid Stop is a carrier-grade, highly secure, scalable, customizable and robust platform developed after years of research and development by a dedicated team of subject matter experts. This platform is compatible with multiple mobile environment and mobile carrier networks along with secure proximity system for payment applications.

This platform is capable enough to support integration of third party content, coupons and promotional activities, equipped with APIs and development tools for deploying multiple value added services and offer customers competitive benefits.

Mobile Prepaid Top-Up Services


  • View Balance
  • View Account Information
  • Top Up Prepaid Card
  • Airtime P2P
  • View Transaction Receipt
  • Mobile Advertisement
  • Refer a Friend
  • Locate Service Centers
  • View Transaction History
  • Other mCommerce Services


  • Top Up Account
  • Get Notifications
  • Organize Receipts
  • View Transaction History

Value Added Service

      • Mobile Advertisement
      • Loyalty Programs
      • Other mCommerce Services



      • Enhanced Convenience
      • Reduced Theft, Mismanagement and Fraud
      • Potential to Maintain Electronic records
      • Access to Value Added Services
      • Time Saving


      • Opportunity to Earn Additional Revenues
      • Reduces Theft, Mismanagement and Fraud
      • Potential to Maintain Electronic Records


      • Reduce Overhead Costs of Printing, Distribution and Collection
      • New Customer Acquisition
      • Provide New Products and Services
      • Improved Customer Relationship
      • Offer Personalized Solution
      • Reduce Churn

Implementation Support

Prepaid Stop is a business centric solution equipped with the product, system integration, and appropriate training and maintenance. Prepaid Stop would configure and install the Prepaid Stop platform given the requirements of the service provider and develop the secure interface with its back-end systems. This platform can be scaled and customized to provide value added services and other payment options.

Prepaid Stop is available in multiple deployment i.e. On-Site, SaaS/ASP, or in the form of hosted service. This platform supports transaction driven business models along with multiple user provision to generate a required ecosystem for service providers to enable them in offering their customers an enriched token of a secure transactional service on their handsets.