Mobile banking

Who is benefited?

Using mobile banking solution, the banking sector can offer interactive and satisfying customers experience, accelerating interaction and sales using mobile without increasing CAPEX and OPEX. Using mobile banking platform, banks can provide feature-rich and secure banking services to their customers without them having to visit banks. It can also reduce the cost of transaction by doing it over the mobile phone, which is a self service medium.

Benefits to banks

Facilitating mobile banking mechanism, you can become an integral part in your customers’ life — with them anytime, anywhere! Plethora of value added services can consolidate and expand your customer base which can include:

  • Bank transactions
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Account and finance management
  • Withdrawal of money without using cards
  • PIN and card management
  • Bill payments

In developing countries banking infrastructure is limited due to high maintenance cost, hence mobile banking is a way to penetrate unbanked and under-banked market due to its extensive reach and minimal CAPEX and OPEX.

All these services, which your customers can access easily, will enhance customer loyalty & attract new customers along with revenue and reduce operational costs of your services.

Using mobile money, banks can proliferate and reach untapped markets, multiply the number of transactions, increase customer retention, and offer more services compared to competitors.

What Prepaid Stop offer

Prepaid Stop is a secure mobile platform through which you can deploy unique mobile banking applications. This platform is highly customizable and flexible enough to introduce new services and products instantly ignoring redeployment of any application.  This platform is coupled with multiple features and can be seamlessly executed on every platform (BlackBerry, Android, Symbian , etc.).

As mobile phones are an all time companion of users, it offers the bank a unique opportunity to judge and react to users’ needs and habits. Given that, banks can deploy various value added services to their customer base.  MobiFin applications can be updated centrally as needed enabling banks to frequently launch new offers and campaigns.

It also enables the customers to maintain their personalized user profiles suiting their requirements and tastes. Prepaid Stop is equipped with the feature of allowing enabled transactions, thus promoting remote transactions which are widely witnessed in e-Commerce.

Why Prepaid Stop

Developing feature rich mobile banking platforms requires high-end security, comprehensive knowledge of mobile environment, and its usability market. Using Prepaid Stop, banks and other financial institutions would be able to introduce multiple services instantly spanning from mobile banking, mobile money and mobile payment to cross border money transfer.

  • Highly Secure
    The major specialty that set Prepaid Stop banking platform apart from the pack is its security mechanisms i.e. unique device fingerprinting, login and unique transaction PIN, and AES encryption method.
  • Compatibility with Multiple Platforms
    Prepaid Stop is compatible with different platforms. A single mobile application can be run on nearly all mobile platforms (operating systems) offering customers a unique user experience running on the usability features available on their smart phones.
  • Customizable and Easily Maintainable
    It is quite flexible to get frequently updated. Separate mobile applications can be developed for different usages like corporate banking, personal banking, etc.

Given the above key features, Prepaid Stop is an ideal mobile banking platform offering you all necessary benefits and functionalities to expand your customer base by reaching untapped markets and offering them basic banking services along with unique value added services.