About us


Prepaid Stop is a business unit of Z Prepay, having focused global market approach on telecom and mobile finance solutions, enabling leading and aspiring service providers to grow by leveraging them effective service delivery practices across global marketplace.

Our mobile finance offering enhances the performance of heterogeneous service distribution network, boost-up the efficiency of Service Providers, Banks, and Channel-Partners and intensify the capacity of congested networks. We are committed to provide the long-term solution to our customers by offering comprehensive ecosystem using innovative platform, applications and service.

Prepaid Stop is committed to deliver quality experience to customers, integrators and end users through its integrated processes and each transaction performed by its multi-interface platform. This ingenuous ecosystem and service delivery platform is deployed globally offering carrier-grade reliability and banking-level security.

Prepaid Stop, with its 4 Years of experience in the Telecom and MFS Industry has been catering to global clients on Telecom and Financial/Payment Transaction solutions.

What we offer?

Prepaid Stop offers state-of-the-art m-Commerce infrastructure services Connecting Service Provider organizations such as telecom operators, banks, merchants & resellers, or corporate enterprises to their employees and end-users on a highly robust, unified & secure Payment system powered by a hi-tech team of technology enthusiasts committed to empowering people by creating business and employment opportunities.

Prepaid Stop is currently being deployed in several African countries such as Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, Somalia, DRC, etc., and an aggressive plan is in place to deploy the platform across the various African countries.

Prepaid Stop Supports the entire range of mCommerce capabilities required by mobile service providers, banks/financial institutions, retailers, distributors, agents, etc., with tailor made modules for a wide range of mCommerce service applications & feature rich functions.

Prepaid Stop provides you with sustainable growth infrastructure solutions that will take your company to an exciting new level of innovation and profitability.

We offer you a rich variety of profit generating recharge, mobile financial, mobile loyalty, mobile ticketing and mobile money products tied with business level solutions to help you make the critical decisions you need to guide your business.

The Prepaid Stop platform lets you build new functionality and add new services to keep pace with the market demand, industry trends, and subscriber needs. Our solutions let you effectively meet your business requirements wherever the market goes.

Whether you are a leading operator or emerging growth mobile network operator, Prepaid Stop can be adapted to meet with your specific needs to optimize your revenues.

The Prepaid Stop Software product suite covers every aspect of the mobile transaction ecosystem; from mobile financials products, recharge products, business management solutions, to mobile ticketing, coupons and loyalty solutions.

  • Control Your Distribution Network-With higher revenue goals and shrinking margins, understanding the underpinnings of your distribution are key to your survival.
  • Maximize Revenue-Minimizing delay for end-users maximize your opportunity to generate revenue.
  • Enable Innovative Transactions-The killer application platform that has arrived.

Our products have been deployed in and are available to Mobile Network Operators, service providers, acquiring networks, and financial service providers.